Our rates are 3x/3x/3x. This means that:

You get 3 times the base Base exp. and Job exp. you'd get from defeating monsters in official servers;

Quests that reward you with experience will yield 2.5 times the experience they would on official servers;

Normal monsters are 3 times more likely to drop items in official servers and

MVP and Boss Drops are as high as 3 times the drop rate on official servers.

MVP Cards, Boss Cards and Castle Drops are the same drop rate as on official servers.


As mentioned that though we are classic and keeping an official server in
mindset, however just made a minute customization to improve the game play so that no is bored.

The implementations are:-

Daily login rewards. ( every 24hrs login, each players shall be
rewarded with a gift, the screenshot of the daily login rewards is
added in the forums)

Hourly cash points (Every 1 hr there will be a cash point provided to
the players which they can use to purchase any basic and useful
items from a cash point NPC)

There is a healer, but it only provides heal to every player, but to
spice things up we have added a premium ticket which has an
expiry date of 7 days and if you have this ticket then you shall be
granted AGI and BLESS.(so you don’t have to run behind each priest /heh)

There is no job changer, as this is an official server, hence you
would have to complete the quest for each of the classes.

To spice things up here, we have added the sytlist and the Platinum
Npc in a different manner. Stylist has a charge to change the color
for your dress and the hairstyle. Platinum NPC will charge 1 mil to
provide you the platinum skills, but if you dont want to pay then do
the work in old way, you do the quest as per RMS and gain the skill.

ROTD - Race of the day, this slight adjustment gives the players an
extra hand to level up the characters as per the race on the given day.

All maps are enabled, if you wish and want to train harder or to gain
an upper hand, then please be our guest.

Botting if found in restricted areas, will be jailed and muted for
couple of hours as we need a clean gameplay.

Tried to keep everything simple and classic the way it was earlier.
We are just continuing from where it was left. Buckle up for a journey.

Max Level

Normal classes - 99/50 (as we are going official hence we are starting with classic, and later trans will be initiated).

Max Stats

All classes - 99

What makes InroPlus unique?

Our server has the purpose to look as much as possible like the official servers,
in their Pre-Renewal state, and we don't have the unbalancing custom items and NPCs that you can find in most private servers.

Classic RO

Since we dislike many of the changes that were introduced by the Renewal system (RO isn't a cute game anymore?! That can't be true!),
we'll be following the developments of the Classic iRO server, starting from the origins (that's where our name comes from!)
and make the world of Rune-Midgard evolve bit by bit, evaluating each Episode before
including it in the game in order to avoid breaking the gameplay, guided by player feedback.

Character looks

Since the official cloth colors and hairstyles are old and boring, we
provide facilities to change every aspect of your character's style and
colors! There will be barbers to change one's hairstyle or dye their hair,
tailors to help with choosing cloth colors, and a wardrobe in which to keep
all your favorite clothes. All the dyes and cloth colors have been hand-
picked by our staff, to make sure that they all fit well within the RO.

War of Emperium

From the day we start the server and once 60 days have been crossed,
the official Inro Plus Woe will begin.
Players who will be ready to engage in forming a guild and
capturing the agits , they can continue, and for other players who
are still in getting their characters ready, once they are ready they
can proceed further. .

Player vs Player

For more intense battle we have only kept 2 map with a pot pvp
Keeping in mind that more players will be focused on the gameplay
and not deciding which pvp room to go in
As more players do engage in pvp battles with pots but if we have
more recommendations for the no pot pvp, we will initiate in the near future..


@autotrade ( 24 hours duration )

Technical Info

Ragnarok emulator
rathena, with anti-cheat protection
Operating System
Gentoo Linux with custom-tailored kernel
Intel Xeon E5-1650 @ 3.20GHz, 6 physical cores / 12 logical cores
64 GB DDR3 1333MHz ECC
Hard Disk
2x2TB Toshiba HDDs (RAID1)
1Gbps, 500Mbps guaranteed, unmetered
DDoS Protection
Active multi-point mitigation, 15~120s max response time, 480Gbps capacity
Banglore, India

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